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Providing management consultancy and interim management services to Local Government...

We offer consultancy and interim management to local authorities, other public and not-for-profit organisations and providers of public services. We specialise in change management and performance improvement, provide diagnostics and benchmarking and have an extensive track record in Customer Services and Revenues and Benefits transformation and improvement.

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Our Services

Lean Consultant & Consultancy


Change management and transformation are the order of the day. Project management techniques offer some useful tools for managing this shift, but there are other

Interim Management

The speed and extent of change facing local authorities can mean that capacity and skills are under enormous pressure. Local government interim management can be a wise

Revenues and Benefits

With over 30 years direct experience we offer strategic and operational service review and operations leadership. We have delivered with in-house teams, client-side

Customer Services

Against a backdrop of local government spending cuts and waning consumer confidence, investment in customer service must be weighed against tangible results regardless of how


considerations too. Local government operates through complex web of interrelated and interdependent departments and organisations. This means successful transformation of council’s demands flexibility and creativity. At Graaff we experience the complexities and deliver results.

and cost-effective solution to meeting new challenges. Providing talented people who can deliver quickly in local government specialisms whilst bringing sound commercial and technical know-how is one of our specialities.

and outsourcers, and contractors and suppliers to deliver first class services, cut processing times and improve collections at lower cost.

essential it is considered. We can provide strategy, and operational leadership and procurement advice to deliver channel shift to deliver those tangible results. Our explainer videos Talk2Me are an example of practical support.





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Graaff - Your Lean Consultancy.