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Providing management consultancy and interim management services to Local Government...

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Welcome to Graaff Limited

Graaff Limited provides management consultancy and interim management services to Local Government. We specialise in change management and performance improvement.

We offer consultancy and interim management to local authorities, other public and not-for-profit organisations and providers of public services. We specialise in change management and performance improvement, provide diagnostics and benchmarking and have an extensive track record in Customer Services and Revenues and Benefits transformation and improvement.


Recent projects have included:


•  Development and implementation of Channel Shift Strategies

•  Implementation of Customer Self-Service Portal

•  Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in back office processing

•  Income Collection maximisation projects

•  Service transformation and cost reduction projects

•  Revenues and Benefits re-design

•  Procurement of Enforcement Agents


We are supporting authorities facing unprecedented budget reductions and the challenges of demand led services.


We are experienced in LEAN and Systems Thinking transformations cutting demand, reviewing processes and resource requirements and delivering transformation.


We also provide qualified accountancy and financial management support, and assistance with systems implementations.


We are flexible and can work with you design a work-package that meets your requirements large or small.


We work with a wide partnership of talented consultants and associates who can help you deliver your transformation project successfully.

Graaff - Your Revenues & Benefits Consultancy.